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Amazon Halloween Decor

This year in particular my kiddos are excited about Halloween and all the spooky elements that come with it! We decided this year to add some of my favorite Amazon decor items for a creepy effect!

My favorite outdoor Halloween decor is hanging witches hats from the ceiling. It is so effective and fun! I always get compliments from neighbors and friends who come over. Simply use a needle and fishing line to string it through the top of the hat, and then hang from an outdoor command hook (I get the ones used for hanging Christmas lights because these hats can definitely swing in the wind and need to be sturdy).

I also added LED Star Light Trees on my front porch this year. I originally planned on getting these to use for Christmas, but once I assembled them, I realized if I added the gauzy black sheets to the top of the pots, they looked like perfect little creepy trees. To put these in the pots, I actually took the base off and pushed it into a small cardboard packaging box to stabilize them in the pot along with bubble wrap. The orange outdoor lights around our archway were also hung with the same command hooks I used for the witch hats.

One of the most versatile Amazon finds I purchased are the flying bats. I have used them all around our house and outside on our pillars. Because they are made of PVC, they will not get damaged outside in weather and also will be sturdy to use year after year indoors. I added them to my walls, above my range in the kitchen, on frames around the house, on my mantle, and outside. We had PLENTY to use around my entire house from this Amazon bat set. This year I also added them on the inside of my lamps, which creates SUCH a cute effect at night when the lamps are on.

Normally throughout the year, we use flameless candles around the house. When I found out my favorite kind are also offered in black, I thought this would be a perfect addition to our mantle and open shelving! These flameless black candles flicker so nicely and with kids it makes me feel even better knowing the risk of fire with flame is gone! The black gauze that I used outside came in a pack of 6 and I used the rest around the house under windows and across our fireplace mantle. In order to hang the gauze from the window, I just use a clear push pin into the window trim. I added simple orange twinkle lights that I turn on at night on our mantle for a little bit more effect. Finally I placed the skeleton hands in tons of different areas in my house - on the mantle, on side tables, our open shelving, etc. My kids have so much fun grabbing them here and there and running around the house shouting "BOO!" Everything this year is a "Boo!" - skeletons, ghosts, witches, you name it! I hope you have fun decorating your homes for the holiday as much as we have this year!

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