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Back to School Pennants & Memory Pages - Free Printables

Create special keepsakes with your kiddo year after year with these first day flags and memory pages.

This year my son is starting preschool which has me all in my feels about how fast time is moving and how quickly my kiddos are growing up! I have had on my mental "to do" list for a while that I wanted to start a memory box for him to hold keepsakes from birth to 12th grade... but of course life gets in the way and it hasn't really been tackled yet. However, it got me thinking that I wanted to create some sort of "memory page" to fill in every year with him to see how much he grows and changes throughout the years. I plan on laminating the sheet and putting it on the front of the file folder that will hold his keepsakes for the year (I will create a post once I make the memory box to show more) ... I will also start these pages with my smaller kiddos as well.

Check out my video below to watch the full process of how I created the pennant flags using rulers and ribbon. They are super simple! I also print mine on cardstock paper so that the flag stands a little more firm. If you don't have a ruler, you could also use a pencil or dowel rod. I made the pennants with a small edge that can roll over a dowel. Happy back to school and hope you enjoy creating these keepsakes as much as I did with my littles! I also created two different kinds of pennants and memory pages for whichever style fits you and your child best! The memory pages include both ready-to-print pages as well as customizable pages in the Canva Template. In the Canva document you can upload your child's photo and type your answers before printing. Below you will find the "ready-to-print" options for free!

Let's BRINGTHEPARTY to your kiddos and start the year off right!

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