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Calming Caddy - For Littles with Big Feelings

Whether you have a little one with big feelings or a classroom full of kiddos that may need a safe space, this calming caddy is for you!

As an elementary teacher, I had space in my classroom where students could feel safe to relax, calm down, and reset. However, I always had a hard time picking a spot to designate because as teachers know, space is limited! As a mom of three kiddos, I am quickly learning that toddlerhood is a different world and littles can have BIG FEELINGS. I decided to transfer some of my "teacher knowledge" over to my home life and create a "calm down corner" for our son when he's having these big feelings. Again, I was having a hard time finding the exact SPOT in our house where we could designate this space. I got to planning out the items instead and along the way it came to me - wait! I can use a caddy and make it mobile!

By using a caddy, I was able to gather all the items that could help my son reset and calm his body, while also not limiting myself to ONE area of our home. This could be moved from room to room, and even taken on the go in the car for that matter! If you are a teacher strapped for space, this could also be a great option for your classroom. Have the caddy in a spot where students can access it and you're not taking an entire corner of your classroom!

When it came to picking the items, I wanted a variety of calming tools. First, I thought about the caddy itself. I needed something big enough but also not something too heavy so my son could pick it up himself (also - think about the material in case your child is a "thrower"). This felt "diaper caddy" was the perfect fit. Below I've linked all the other items I included and possible alternatives.

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