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Favorite Party Tools

Throughout the years I have discovered many different products and tools that I seem to come back to over and over again for every party, event, or little celebration. Here is a list of some of my favorite items that I use consistently.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you make a purchase from one of my links.

Fiskars Fabric Scissors - a good pair of fabric scissors is essential when cutting ribbon, twine, and yarn. They are extra sharp and cut like butter!

Paper Cutter - I use my paper cutter for any kind of banner cutting or crafts - such a time saver!

Scotch Painter's Tape - This is my favorite tool for hanging anything on walls without damaging them (think signs, posters, mylar number balloons, etc.)

Slice Box Cutter - best all-purpose slicer that is fabulous for opening anything! Very helpful when party prepping!

Hole Punches (three sizes) - This is one of my most used items. I use all three sizes depending on the function. The smaller holes are especially helpful with stringing banners.

Pom Pom Maker Set - I love adding pom poms for special events in the color scheme of the party. It adds an element of fun and whimsy and they are easier than you think to make! Just add yard and the large blunt needles.

Large Blunt Needles - These are a fabulous hack when you use twine to string banners and also a must when you string pom poms.

Scotch Personal Laminator - I find this extremely helpful to have for various projects and things to use with my kiddos. The lamination keeps paper protected and can be used for a variety of events.

Balloon Blower Pump- This seems like an unnecessary purchase, but let me tell you - it's one of my absolute favorite things! I've used this to blow up baby pools in the summer, air mattresses, pool floats, beach balls, not to mention balloons for events. This blows up balloons in less than 5 seconds, and saves a TON of time.

Balloon Decorating Strips- These are a MUST if you ever make a balloon garland.

Balloon Clip Holder- I never use my clips to make a flower shape, but I love these for making a set of 3-4 balloons and then easily tying them up or placing around a party. They can also be reused over and over so no need to repurchase!

Sewing Scissors Set- The nano tip on the small set of scissors is perfect when cutting poms using the pom pom makers.


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