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Food-Free Halloween Treats!

As a parent of kiddos with food allergies, I find myself thinking more and more of creative ways to create "treats" for classmates and friends that do not involve food. Although candy is always fun around Halloween, our kids definitely get their fair share! Here is an idea for a "food-free" and allergy safe Halloween treat!

I came up with this idea along with a teacher friend who asked me to create a little gift tag for her students. She was going on maternity leave right before Halloween time, and had the fabulous idea of creating "goody bags" for her students to leave with her longterm substitute. She ended up giving her elementary students these Play-Doh cards along with a Halloween bookmark (see multiple design options for Halloween bookmarks in my Etsy shop).

I loved the fact that she didn't end up giving her students any candy or treats for multiple reasons. First, our children are already "sugared" out by the end of the month with Halloween candy. And second, as a mom of kiddos with allergies it's always wonderful to know that they will not feel excluded by any possibility of not being able to eat a treat.

After my friend put these cards together for her students, I realized these would also be a perfect gift for my son to give his classmates at preschool around Halloween time, too! Either design could work for teachers gifting students, classmates, "Boo Basket" treats, party favors, or just for friends! The options are endless and they are so easy to put together! Check out the video below to hear more about how I put these together for my son's classmates.

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