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Halloween Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Turn these Halloween popsicle stick puzzles into magnets! You just need magnets, popsicle sticks, and a baking sheet. Attach the magnets to the sticks before you cut the puzzle apart & then let your little one piece it back together!

I had so much fun making these Halloween puzzles for my little guy! He has been so excited about Halloween this year and already talking about it in September! I thought it would be a fun activity for him to piece together different Halloween images. After creating 6 different templates, I got to work on putting the puzzles together. These are so simple, and you can ABSOLUTELY do them too!

First, you will need the following tools:

Next, after you have your supplies together you will want to print the PDF download from my BringTheParty Etsy shop. I recommend printing on cardstock (65lb weight). After printing, I always like to laminate crafts like this because it helps them last longer! Then I store them year after year and re-use without it getting damaged (especially in the hands of a toddler!) If you choose to laminate, I use my at-home Scotch personal laminator and these laminating sheets.

After laminating and cutting around the border of the puzzles, attach the popsicle sticks to the page (do NOT cut your puzzle into strips yet). I use double-sided tape to attach the popsicle sticks, but you could also use hot glue. Once you attach the sticks, you could stop there and cut the puzzle into strips. If you want your puzzle to be magnetic to make it more engaging for your little, attach little magnets to the back (I did use hot glue to attach my mini magnets). Once your magnets are attached, cut each popsicle stick off (making puzzle strips).

At this point you are good to go! So now let's talk storage.. I like to store mine in a transparent photo storage container that closes (see link below). However, you could definitely also store in a Ziploc bag or other container. In my BTP Puzzle Listing, there is also a label page for you to be able to use as a Template picture so your child knows what the puzzle should look like.

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