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Printing Hack! Poster Size Coloring "Blueprints"

Learn more about "Blueprint" posters below. Printing these 24"x36" large coloring posters is so much cheaper when you use this hack! Posters are expensive and this one keeps prints to less than $5!

One of my favorite "hacks" to use around the holidays is to print massive 24"x36" posters for the season to have readily available as a daily craft. These posters are so large that my toddlers do not even come close to finishing in one sitting, which is exactly the point! They love to come back to them throughout the day and we even keep them posted around the house in different spots. We have one attached to their art easel, we tape them to the floor, to the wall, and I even have coloring sheets printed of the designs in 8.5"x11" paper size as well. I love the way it adds to our holiday decor around the house and makes our kids a part of the "decorating."

The best part about the coloring posters is that because they are black & white, they can be printed for SUPER cheap, at the fraction of a cost for what a normal "poster" print would be! Depending on what printer company you live near, they refer to this kind of print as a "blueprint" or "architecture print" or "engineering print" (i.e. Staples, FedEx, Office Depot, etc). Simply upload the PDF designs and get printing! This year I ordered my Blueprints through Office Depot with a coupon code, and had them shipped to my house which took one errand off my plate this time of year. I promise they will last you all season long!

All of theses Halloween coloring sheets are available in my Etsy shop and come in one set! You get all the 8.5"x11" letter sized coloring sheets that you can print at home as well as the same designs in a 24"x36" poster size.

Pricing at each print shop mentioned above for 24"x36" posters:

Staples Blueprints start at $4.20

FedEx Blueprints start at $4.77

Office Depot Blueprints start at $5.89

**Also remember to always look up coupon codes for any online printing location and pick up in the store is also available if there is a cost involved with shipping**

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you make a purchase from one of my links.


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