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Space Saver Hidden Bedroom Library

If you have limited space for books in your childrens' rooms, or are looking to get bins of books off the floor, you need to install these fantastic acrylic low profile shelves behind their bedroom doors!

One of the best things I have done in my kids' rooms is install these acrylic bookshelves behind their bedroom doors. I definitely find myself trying to save space as best we can since our bedrooms are not super large. Because we want to keep as much floor space available as possible for our kids to play, I had to get creative on where to store different items off the floor. When I saw these bookshelves I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get the books off the floor and have a little "hidden library" behind their doors.

In my son's room I had more space behind the door so I used the 36" bookshelves (see photos below). In my twins' room we have smaller space behind the door, but the 24" bookshelves worked perfectly and still hold a lot of books! One tip I have before installing is to measure where your door handle will hit the wall so that you place the bookshelf under or above it so the door can open all the way.

I love the way these shelves look when installed on the wall because it really looks like the books are "floating." The acrylic is really great quality and super sturdy and thick. I hope your kiddos love them as much as ours do! Happy reading!

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