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Teacher Survey - Favorite Things

As a teacher for 13 years in elementary education, I was gifted many wonderful things by families and students throughout the years. One year in particular, my "room parent" asked me a bunch of questions at the beginning of the year and said she was going to pass it along to the rest of the class. At first I felt a little weird about telling them my favorite things feeling "selfish" or "greedy" stating my favorite restaurant or favorite store, etc. However, then I realized that their intention was to KNOW what my favorite things are so if they chose to spend money on a gift throughout the school year, it would be on something I actually wanted. INCREDIBLE!

The biggest suggestion I have for teacher gifts is to KEEP. THEM. SIMPLE. If you pass out a favorite things survey like mine, you don't need to get "filler" items that just cost more money and may or may not be used. I am sorry to say (hopefully I don't offend!) that I have donated plenty of mugs, jewelry, candles, and lotions throughout the years. While these gestures are extremely thoughtful and kind, sometimes we don't need more STUFF. My survey takes the guess work out of gift giving!

This year my toddler son is in daycare a couple days a week. We started the year by passing out this Favorite Things Survey to his teachers and teacher helpers. This was such a great way for me to find out what his teachers actually want or need! I love knowing that my money is going towards something that will actually be used, eaten, or wanted! I have pulled out these sheets at LEAST 5 times so far this year - for every teacher's birthday, holiday gifts, teacher appreciation gifts, etc. It's such a good feeling knowing that every special treat that's been given to his teachers is something they wrote down themselves! I even specified which places they would like to be given gift cards from which was extremely helpful and eye-opening! In the past, Target has been a "go to" of mine for gift cards, but this year one of his teachers didn't "check that box" so it's been great knowing that I didn't spend money somewhere she wasn't really interested in.

You can customize your own survey using my Canva Template Favorite Things Survey. Or if you want to PRINT and GO, you can purchase the Immediate Download PDF version instead! The great thing about the survey is it can be used year after year for any kind of teacher! My listings also come with an instructions page for the teacher to understand why you're having them fill it out. I hope you enjoy giving these surveys and it makes your life a little easier when you want to do something special for the incredible educators out there!

Let's BringTheParty to our teachers!


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