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Teacher Toolbox Organization

Trying to find a way to sort and organize all those odds and ends in your classroom? These labels can help you organize any teacher supplies!

As a teacher, we have such a need for little odds and ends like paperclips, push pins, magnets, sticky notes, band-aids, tape... the list goes on and on. Sometimes it feels like the number of items that need to be organized never ends and it's hard to find a way to sort it. We all know how important it is to be accessible when you need an item at a moment's notice. I found that the Akro-Mils drawer units are the PERFECT solution to sorting all these tiny items so that I could pull them out any time of day and so could my students!

My favorite two sorting units are:

Both of these toolkits can be found on Amazon and I've found them to be the most helpful in my search over the years.

I created labels that can be edited and customized in Canva. The fonts, colors, and images can be changed if you want something different or need additional labels. Keep in mind, I've created LOTS of options so that you will even have tons of extra labels to be able to use elsewhere too. Happy organizing!

Let's BringTheParty and organization to your classroom!

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