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Toddler Daily Routine Free Printable

Implementing a daily routine for my toddler has been essential for his development and growth!

As a mom of a three-year-old toddler and twin one-year-old babes, it's safe to say that our mornings and evenings can get a little chaotic. For a while now, especially at night, I have noticed my son struggling with getting ready for bed (as I'm sure many toddler parents can relate!) With that, I finally decided I needed to take control of the situation not just with words and hugs and reading book after book before bed, but I needed to create a structure for him to be able to succeed. Little ones have such big feelings and his tantrums at bedtime were not his way of being "bad" or not following directions... they were simply his three-year-old way of showing that he needed guidance and routine.

Even though I own a digital design business BringTheParty, sometimes the best thing I can do is NOT think "I should just make this myself!" Sometimes it's best to look at someone's work and say, "This is exactly what I'm looking for!" and just click PURCHASE. When I came across Lily & Thread's Daily Routine Cards in her Etsy shop I instantly knew they would be the perfect visual to help my son with his morning and bedtime routines. A very easy "add to cart" moment. I have her fabulous routine cards linked below! When it came to the morning and bedtime routine posters, I wanted to create something a little more personalized for my son, so I did create my own. Please see below to download the FREE TEMPLATE I created on Canva. You can customize the name/title for your own child!

Once I printed the cards and 8.5x11 posters on cardstock at home, I laminated both (this is my NUMBER ONE "teacher hack" for keeping printable items longer. Having a personal laminator is so essential for at-home projects). Then I added adhesive dots to both the posters and routine cards. Finally I attached my posters to the back of his bedroom door using painter's tape so that I didn't damage anything (another favorite hack for attaching ANYTHING to walls). Please ignore the pictures of the bedtime routine posters taped to the wall backwards - ha! Can you tell I'm a mom of three just going through the motions sometimes and keeping my head above water? Please tell me you can relate?!

We did use the routine cards tonight for the first time at bedtime and it went smoothly! Frankly as a toddler his favorite part was definitely pulling the cards off the velcro and sticking them on of course, but I will take that as a win! I know that these routines will definitely take time to implement and it will be day by day to see the real success - but I am excited to have a system in place! I definitely think my son will feel prepared to begin his day on the right foot, and then end the day feeling accomplished (and so will I!)

I hope you enjoy using these cards with your own kiddos. Here are some of the other materials I used to put them together.

Let's BringTheParty to our kiddos!

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